is a TX-based creative studio specializing in non-profit graphics and brand designs for businesses run by Coral Pisek -
a fearless soul with a creative mind.
​​​Back Story
In 2011, not knowing much about my career choices for the future, I was awarded first place in publicity for the region’s theatrical design contest. From there, I knew I had a calling to attract the right audience's hearts and minds in a creative manner (AKA advertising). I chose theater design over theater, to understand the thought process and planning procedure that is used to run a show. My theater tech teacher taught me that
"There is a reason and a purpose for everything".
Though, she was referring to stage design and prop usage, I believe that achievements in advertising can truly be successful if you devote proper strategic thought and reason to every stage of the campaign.
What I Love
I love to conceptualize ideas, logos, and integrated campaigns and bring them to life. I believe that ideas of social impact can truly bring people together from different backgrounds. I am passionate about raising awareness for great causes with great design.
In addition, I have always been an avid traveler and world history fanatic. I try to constantly keep up-to-date with international history and international issues.
Creative Style and Vision
>> My creative type is Visionary. We're known to be independent, self-disciplined, and social. I'm highly tech-savvy and love to learn. I will set up routine calls to give updates and make sure your goals are met. 
With my passion for international cultures and causes, my Adobe Creative Cloud skills, and my love for collaborating with creative ideas, my task is to make sure your work is solved creatively and realistically.
I deliver creative and real results because I believe in making your good work, look good.
I worked with numerous local and international non-profit brands such as:
Non-profit design skills include:
- Event logos
- Sponsorship packets 
- Save-the-dates (print/digital)
- Email headers
- Email signatures
- Envelopes
- Social media headers
- Invites (print/digital)
- Booklet-style event programs (print/digital)
- RSVP cards
- Raffle tickets
- Check-in cards
- Menu cards
- Flyers 
- Notecards (5 x 7')
- Postcards
- Presentation decks
- Templates/shells
- Social posts
- Magazine/newspaper ads
- Digital website banner ads
- Signage
- Company trifolds and brochures
- Bid paddles
- Others
Campaigns that inspire me to drive social change:
1. VW's Anti-Texting & Driving 
2. Lifebuoy Soap Reminder on Rotis
3. TNT Dramatic Guerrilla Marketing
4. Greenpeace's Petition Against Palm Oil

What first got me to think strategically - RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
What first got me to think creatively - Poster Design Contest in 2011
>> Solve strategically, execute creatively <<
Fun facts about Coral:
1. Born in Israel, raised in TX.
2. Flew an airplane solo.
3. Puts subtitles on (even on horror films).
4. Collects drink coasters and crystal rocks.
5. Likes magic shows and illusions.
6. Likes to watch how-to videos and history videos on YouTube.
7. Likes to write poems. 
8. Keen note taker and listener.
9. Practiced fencing and wishes to play at a fencing tournament.
10. Bakes indoors and bikes outdoors.

{Check out the work on this site to explore more fun facts & hidden stories}
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